Ever since I was introduced to Naruto on Adult Swim’s Toonami, I continued to expand my deep appreciation for anime. There was something special about it that I could not pinpoint at the time. As a child, I was a fan of cartoons, especially of the comedic variety. However, I seldom found myself enjoying animated action cartoons aside from Static Shock and Teen Titans.

I was fully invested in the boy who wanted to become Hokage. I was amazed at the high stakes that felt palpable and it was the first time I found my heart racing while watching television…

With ADHD, it’s always has been an absolute struggle to sit down and read any type of long-form material. Whether it be lengthy articles or novels, I had trouble reading and properly comprehending anything after I stopped my Vyvanse subscription. I never liked taking those pills; I was a shell of myself from the age of 9 to 14. My junior year of high school is when I took up writing as a career. Reading and writing go hand and hand. I was never that much of a reader before high school. …

The allotment of music in the year 2018, in particular, was overwhelming and a challenge for even the most notable and refined music critics out there. This mass influx of popular artists dropping albums, such as Kanye, Travis Scott, Drake, and Cardi B, have garnered most of the attention of casual listeners especially. 2018 has also had its fair share of new stars like Gunna, Lil Baby, and Sheck Wes. Hip-Hop, as it’s been for arguably more than a decade now, has been the nucleus of popular culture today as it affects musical and nonmusical entities. But the albums I…

She suffered through the cold

She felt naked and vulnerable

Unable to protect herself from the burning freeze

She could not bear the bite of the cold

It was unfriendly and unwelcoming

Even it knew it wasn’t her fault she ended up in the icy air

It did not blame her for her imperfections yet it remained persistent

The cold had felt no obligation to cease

It would not let go of its grip only because it was necessary

The pain was necessary and in the back of her mind she knew as well

She knew that the agonizing pain…

Back when people actually liked you?

Back when people wanted to spend time with you?

Back when you were sure that people liked you?

Back when you felt like leaving your room and going out into the world?

Stuck. The force field that one made me feel safe is now imprisoning me. It used to care for us both but you chose to walk out the door that I cannot see. The exit is invisible to me. I pace around waiting for you to come back and tell me the way out. But I know you won’t return. You are long gone. Now I’m stuck here. Only thinking about the only person I shared this Prism with. You. The door appears every now and then but it fades as soon I grip the handle. I have to let go. So I can get out. If I choose to stay here, I don’t love myself.

You see it in my eyes and notice my movements lack the confidence it once existed with. But you know every instant of my happiness is momentary. You seen it many times before. There is nothing you can do to diminish this sickly and persistent tide. You are aware that my demons’ only weakness is my patience.

Playboi Carti and Pi’erre Bourne created a world like none other.

Playboi Carti is certainly doing something right. His rise to where he stands now in the rap landscape has been rather slow and steady compared to how quickly his newer contemporaries move through the ranks. Yet, his long period of notability in this “SoundCloud era” afforded him to be known as one of the few rulers in this unfairly disregarded faction of hip-hop. Before the release of his new offering, Die Lit, the Atlanta rapper only had one project to his name within the span of an almost four-year rap career. Since his affiliation with AWGE became official in 2015…

Brockhampton has owned 2017. They started releasing material in the summer but you might as give them the whole thing. They are a boyband, but not in the natural sense. There is no huge machine backing them and they have no fancy choreography, but they do have talent and chemistry. A lot of it. Though they are taking over the world with one insane video at a time, it is always nice to give a proper introduction to those who have been sleeping on their exponential growth. Brockhampton is a general group of creative. Props are to given to the…

Kaje Collins

Knowledge and Art Justifies Everything. KAJE. Music, Fiction, and Culture Writer. 22 years old. Atlanta. $kaje28

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